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International Manpower Agencies and How They Operate on a Global Scale

International Manpower Agencies and How they Operate on a Global Scale

Let’s dive in and explore the significance of international manpower agencies in the modern workforce landscape.

A Quick Guideline On the Requirements For Working Abroad

An manpower worker seeking for agency for abroad

To work abroad, you must adhere to the host country’s regulations. Each country has its document requirements for obtaining a work visa or permit. Generally, you’ll need to submit these documents along with your job application. Most countries mandate that a job offer be made before applying for a visa. These are the requirements for working abroad you need to comply with first and get the job you dreamed of:.

How to Apply for Job Opportunities & Work Abroad

greatways' guide on how to apply for job opportunities abroad

In our previous blog, we delved into the growing demand of Filipino skilled workers in countries abroad. This time, let’s talk about what you need to know if you’re planning to apply for work abroad.

Painting the Shortage of Labor Workers in Poland: The Philippines as Poland’s Vital Workforce Solutions

The Philippines as Poland's Vital Workforce Solution

With an increasingly aging population, Poland’s demographic landscape has significantly transformed. This demographic shift has created a critical imbalance in the labor force, denting the labor market, where retirees now outnumber the influx of younger workers.

A Guide to Identifying Illegal Recruitment Agencies in the Philippines

Despite the warm and bustling mien of the Philippines, there exists a lurking menace beneath its underbelly: illegal recruitment. Much like the very serpent that occupied Eden, illegal recruitment preys on aspirations, leaving its victims entangled in a web of deceit.

Bridging the Gap: Filipino Skills to Help New Zealand with Their Manpower Challenges

New Zealand is often called the country where the grass is remarkably greener, literally and figuratively. It fosters a relaxed working environment and lifestyle, making it a suitable destination for immigrants, especially Filipinos. And due to the economic shifts it faces, New Zealand can only hope its current policies are enough to lure skilled workers into the country.

Addressing Japanese Labor Challenges With Specified Skilled Workers

Japan has faced significant employment challenges, a problem that has been around for the past few years, to which the government has yet to find a permanent solution. Driven by the aging population and the shifting labor dynamics, the country is increasingly turning to international manpower agencies to tap into the skills and expertise of foreign workers.

5 Things a Japanese Company Needs to Know Before Engaging with a Philippines Recruitment Agency

Top 5 things a Japanese Company needs to know before engaging with Philippines recruitment agency - featured image

In today’s highly advanced and interconnected world, borders no longer mean barriers, and distance is no longer an obstacle. These now signify gateways to endless opportunities and global collaboration. A highly skilled and adaptable workforce becomes paramount as markets become increasingly competitive. More countries are becoming open to international partnerships.

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