Building great partnership in manpower services across the world

Building great partnerships


Greatways Manpower International, Inc. embarked on a mission that has since shaped the trajectory of countless individuals and businesses abroad. With a vision to connect Filipino workers with global enterprises, we set about on a journey that has spanned decades and transcended borders. This journey has been marked by our steadfast commitment as a manpower agency to “Building Great Partnerships in the World,” a promise at the heart of everything we do.

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Connecting Talent Globally:

Local Manpower Agency Empowering Business Worldwide

Greatways is an overseas workforce solutions company engaged in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino professionals to businesses across the globe

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An office for hiring Filipino workers overseas

Looking For A Manpower Agency In The Philippines To Hire Filipinos For Your Business Overseas?

We are a Philippine-based manpower agency with high standards in recruitment and deployment.

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Hire Filipino Workers for Welding Jobs Overseas

Elevate Your Global Workforce with Our Expertise

Greatways Manpower International, Inc. is your trusted manpower agency in the Philippines.

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Connecting Talent Globally

We have been providing manpower requirements for companies abroad. The scope of our work is clear: to secure international job orders and match them with top-tier manpower, all while keeping in focus our fundamental purpose – to enhance lives through superior employment opportunities. Regardless of your industry, Greatways stands firm in exemplifying our mantra of building great partnerships in the world.

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Pioneering Excellence in Manpower Solutions

At Greatways Manpower International, Inc., we envision ourselves as leaders in the international manpower services scene. Our commitment to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and our unwavering contribution to the growth of our national economy drive us forward. We persistently strive to create superior employment prospects for deserving Filipinos.

Tailored Services for Diverse Industries

Our services are designed to be adaptable, ensuring they meet the specific needs of every client. While we serve various industries, including oil and gas, engineering and IT, healthcare, education, and manufacturing, our solutions are always tailored to your unique requirements.

Beyond matching the most talented people with the most significant work, we uphold fundamental principles defining our company in quality and service.

Fostering Collaboration on a Global Scale

Our footprint extends beyond the Middle East, Australia, and Africa. We’ve been diligently working to establish our presence in key markets such as Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Poland in recent years. Our aim as a manpower agency is to open doors to the best career opportunities and bear witness to high standards of professionalism for employers

To fulfill this, each year, we innovate stringent manpower solutions for our clients. We provide them with a meticulous selection of talented professionals. All this while simultaneously paving the way for employment opportunities for aspiring Filipinos in various industries and skill sets. 

Stay informed about our latest insights and workplace trends by exploring our handpicked collection of articles. Join us as we build exceptional partnerships across the globe!

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Report and Statistics of Greatways Manpower International performance

Our Great Advantage as a Filipino Manpower Agency

Here at Greatways, we believe in meaningful employment. We match the most talented people with the most significant work to bear only the best possible outcomes for everyone.

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All the teams we are dealing with are really doing great. We really appreciate the hard work.

I would like to commend your team. They were very helpful each step of the way.

Forge Great Partnership with Greatways Your Trusted Manpower Agency in the Philippines

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, we’re here to offer you innovative solutions that will help you navigate an ever-changing industry. 

As we welcome the new era, we understand the importance of spearheading developments in recruitment. That is why we keep tabs on the insights, work trends, and job news that help shape Greatways.

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