duly authorized and highly recognized Overseas Land-based manpower and service provider in the Philippines

Great Ways Manpower International, Incorporated with POEA License NO. POEA-011-LB-011819-R is a duly authorized and highly recognized land-based manpower and service provider in the Philippines. It is primarily engaged in the recruitment and placement of professionals and technical personnel for leading companies abroad particularly in the fields of oil and gas, engineering, construction, manufacturing, education and medical services.

Quality Objectives

  • That the company shall fully (100%) abide with the rules and regulations of the Governing bodies of International Manpower Recruitment and Placement.
  • That the company shall exhaust all possible resources to meet client requirement based on the given time or communicated processing period.

The Vision

We see ourselves to be one of the leading and trusted Philippine based international manpower service providers, not only in terms of  providing satisfaction to all our stakeholders but also in contributing growth into our national economy by way of continuously providing better employment opportunity for deserving Filipinos.


We are a Philippine based corporation organized for the purpose of securing job orders in the international market and responding thereto by reaching, sourcing, offering and providing quality manpower, putting in mind the very purpose of our creation which is to help improve people’s lives through better employment opportunity.


In ALL our transactions and relations, we shall adhere to our CORE VALUES, by:


We shall conduct ourselves in a behavior characterized by a high degree of professionalism.

Integrity, Fairness, and Equity

We shall continuously practice our policies branded with integrity, fairness and equity, taking into account the rules and regulations of the governing bodies that regulate and control us.


We shall provide fast and quality service giving focus to excellence through teamwork.

Social Responsibility

We shall make ourselves aware of the motivation of the corporation which is social responsibility as we deal with lives and welfare of people.

Customer Satisfaction

We shall put into our hearts the core of our operation which is customer satisfaction.



Guided by the principles of procedural and objective screening for qualified applicants and potential employees, the company takes into consideration the sourcing, bio-data analysis and evaluation, verification of the data specified in the applicant’s documents. Each curriculum vitae is evaluated according to the nature of employment desired as Executive, Professional, Highly Skilled, Skilled, Technical and Labor Assignments. An in-depth interview conducted by a professional project consultant added to the usual psychological test and IQ test determine if the candidate will be short-listed. Only the best of those who successfully passed the screening are qualified for final selection and will be recommended to the employer.

Socio-Cultural Orientation

Believing that knowledge on cultural background of the country where workers will be deployed is basically important in rendering quality services, the hired contract workers will be well-oriented about its Government policies, social custom and local labor laws.

Human Resource and Organizational Review

Great Ways considers the conduct of reviews on the different areas and nature of work significant in processing employment. In line with this idea, the company initiates organizational review, manpower inventory, job analysis, and job description and performance evaluation for the welfare of both the applicants and the clients.

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