Bridging the Gap: Filipino Skills to Help New Zealand with Their Manpower Challenges

New Zealand is often called the country where the grass is remarkably greener, literally and figuratively, It fosters a relaxed working environment and lifestyle, making it a suitable destination for immigrants, especially Filipinos. And due to the economic shifts it faces, New Zealand can only hope its current policies are enough to lure skilled workers into the country.

New Zealand’s construction, healthcare, and IT sectors are among those experiencing significant skill shortages. By tapping into the international talent pool, New Zealand businesses can find the skilled workers they need and benefit from the rich cultural diversity and global expertise that these workers bring with them.

With only a sea parting the two countries, the Philippines is often considered the potential solution for NZ’s manpower struggles. Moreover, its diasporic nature cements its status as a primary source of a skilled workforce. With the increasing number of Filipinos seeking overseas job opportunities, we reckon many Filipinos will be more than elated to work for New Zealand.

The Growing Demand For Specialized Skills In New Zealand

New Zealand’s economy has been growing steadily over the years, and with that growth comes an increased demand for specialized skills. The country’s diverse industries require professional expertise in specific areas to ensure continued growth and innovation. However, given that New Zealand’s population now results in an increasing number of older adults and a declining number of young people, the local workforce suffers, and skill shortages emerge. 

The country’s immigration policies have adjusted to work for the benefit of migrant workers, but despite these efforts, the need for specialized skill are still pronounced.

New Zealand’s Skill Shortages List

New Zealand has been experiencing a significant shortage of skilled workers in various sectors. The country’s Skill Shortages List highlights the specific occupations in high demand and for which there needs to be more qualified locals to fill the positions. Note of information: in recent years, New Zealand has used the “Green List” instead of the Skill Shortage List to refer to the country’s database of industries where specialized workers are in need.  

Moving on, the skill shortages list or the green list serves as a guide for employers to identify the areas where they must look for talent internationally. Currently, there are 14 sectors included in such a list.





Finance and Business

Health and Social Services

ICT & Electronics





Arts and Media



You can click on this link to directly search for your occupation and see if it qualifies for a fast-track to residence and a work-to-residence pathway for migrants. Everything you’d need, from qualifications to VISA requirements, is published on the site.

Why Filipinos are the Ideal Candidates for Employers

Other countries in the world source skilled workers, yet Filipinos emerge as the preferred among the bunch. If you’re wondering why Filipinos are put on a pedestal and are considered the most valuable source of skilled workers, here are several key factors that highlight their capabilities: 

1. Ability and Competence

PEZA, The local government unit assigned to promote investments in the country, rightfully boasts Filipinos’ ability to pick up a particular skill within two months easily. This is compared to other countries, which take up to 4 to 6 months. In addition to this, Filipinos are proficient in English. Although it is not the country’s primary medium for communication, English is widely used. A solid grasp of the English language is already an edge when working abroad, especially since there are industries in which technical terms are better expressed in this language. 

2. Technical Proficiency

Many Filipino workers have strong technical skills, particularly in construction, engineering, healthcare, and other skilled trades. They often excel in roles requiring proficiency in software development, engineering design, medical services, and technical maintenance. This expertise is honed through the rigorous training and education they receive, making Filipino professionals well-equipped to tackle complex projects. 

3. Cultural Sensitivity

Owing to the diasporic trend the Philippines has long since embraced, Filipinos have been exposed to countless diverse and multicultural environments. Their ability to create cultural affinities seamlessly enables Filipino workers to easily overcome cross-cultural differences, navigate interactions, and foster an inclusive workplace. This trait enhances teamwork and collaboration and contributes to a positive environment that celebrates diversity and promotes mutual understanding. 

4. Work Ethic and Diligence

Filipino workers are often recognized for their strong work ethic, dedication, and diligence. They approach their tasks with a commendable commitment and attention to detail. Filipino workers consistently demonstrate a remarkable work ethic. This level of diligence translates into increased productivity and contributes significantly to a positive work environment. Employers benefit greatly from the dedication and reliability that Filipino workers bring to the table. 

5. Teamwork and Collaboration

Filipinos are collectivists, always prioritizing the community rather than the self. This trait, deeply ingrained in the culture, allows Filipinos to work well in group settings and collaborate effectively with colleagues. This collective spirit brings a strong sense of unity and camaraderie to the workplace, strengthening team members’ bonds. Furthermore, Filipinos’ natural inclination towards cooperation and mutual support creates a harmonious work atmosphere conducive to productivity and success.

Between Filipino Skills and New Zealand’s Manpower Challenges

To bridge the manpower gap, partnerships between New Zealand companies and Filipino recruitment agencies have manifested. These partnerships allow New Zealand businesses to tap into the Filipino talent pool and find the necessary skilled workers. At the same time, Filipino workers benefit from better opportunities for professional growth and financial stability.

Leveraging Filipino skills to address New Zealand’s manpower challenges is a mutually beneficial solution. Filipinos bring unique skills, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity to the New Zealand workforce. Their proficiency in English, technical expertise, strong work ethic, and collaborative spirit make them valuable assets in industries experiencing skill shortages.

As New Zealand’s economy grows and diversifies, the demand for specialized skills will persist. Filipino workers can fill these gaps, contributing to the country’s prosperity and innovation. By fostering partnerships and embracing the talents of Filipino professionals, New Zealand can maintain its position as a thriving and dynamic nation where the grass is greener, literally and figuratively.

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