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As an employer, “How do I find the best recruitment agency” must be something you have pondered countless times. With the current backdrop of the job market following the pandemic, it’s pretty much evident that job vacancies have become increasingly difficult to fill. Many recruiters are struggling to juggle multiple tasks on the one hand. But while they deserve some form of leniency, the truth is that time is gold, especially for businesses. You cannot afford to have certain positions in your company running without a competent worker steering the wheel.   At this point, say you’ve acknowledged that your organization might need some extra hands to help fill all these […]


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The primary objective of an international manpower agency is to help job seekers find new careers while helping employers find the perfect candidate for their open positions. Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organizations and that’s when manpower provider takes action. Here are the advantages you can expect in partnering with an international manpower agency. Benefits 1: Access to quality candidates Engaging with a workforce provider increases the employer’s chance to meet with high-quality individuals. Workforce providers have a strong network to find the best candidate for every job position. They have extensive knowledge about individual segments of the jobs market. We at Great Ways […]

働くフィリピン人の 3C: 文化、キャリア、国 (OFW が最も多い)

Top Countries with most number of Filipino Wokers - featured Image

In recent years, the number of OFWs has increased, and we owe it to Filipinos dreaming of a perfect life because who wouldn’t be, right? Working overseas doesn’t mean wanting to be away from family; it’s the opposite. It is something that is done very much out of necessity.  Many people choose to work abroad to further their careers. Some see it as part of one big adventure.  Career-wise or for leisure purposes, overseas opportunities are too good of an offer for the working Filipino.  Here’s what we think about it. Culture We’ve all had a relative working overseas. It’s the blueprint of the typical Filipino household. To seek better […]


Spot A Legit Job Opportunity Abroad-featured image

Scams have become widespread nowadays, so if something smells “phish-y,” it probably is. Here are five tips on how to check for legit job hiring abroad, coming from a POEA-accredited agency. With numerous job searches moving online, it is hard to spot whether a job opportunity or recruiter is legit. The bad news? Job scammers are out there. The good news? You can avoid overseas job scams if you deeply understand what you’re looking for. Warning: Rampant Recruitment Scams The Internet is one massive ecosystem of information. It has everything that you need about a particular topic. Naturally, many people flock towards using this medium to look for jobs. However, […]


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Working abroad is a concept that’s not-so surprising in the Filipino culture. It is a cumbersome ideal for small families. On a bigger scale, however, this says a lot about our Filipino workers abroad.  The constant shifting of the job market brought about by the pandemic has affected the requirements for migrant workers. So if you’re an employer looking for the best-skilled workers, getting the right people for a job can be challenging. There are a lot of considerations to factor in when hiring workers, one of which is having the innate ability to communicate. Lo and behold, Filipinos are flexible communicators. It’s one of the primary qualifications for working—abroad […]

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