DMW Projects More Filipino Workers To Be Deployed This 2024

Despite initially reporting that 2023 numbers were likely to be the “all-time high” for the Filipino diaspora, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) reports that more Filipino workers are projected to be deployed this 2024.

Partial records for 2023 show 2,525,140 OFWs around the world and it’s expected to only go up from there. DMW’s confidence in reporting such news stems from the high interest in Filipino workers expressed by neighboring countries. As of their report last December, DMW revealed that at least 25 countries were eager to hear positive news, and that 38 bilateral agreements were already in the pending phase. 

Of the 38 pending bilateral agreements, DMW official Caunan said that 18 countries were from Europe and the Americas; 16 from the Middle East and Africa, and four from Asia and the Pacific regions. On top of these, there are also those that are expected to be negotiated and finalized by this year. 

‘The OFW Edge’: Snapshot of the Overseas Filipino Worker Landscape

The demand for Filipino talent is reaching new heights. News of the Filipino workforce being a vital factor in driving economies forward continues to be at play. This remarkable surge reflects the exceptional skills, adaptability, and unwavering dedication of Filipino skilled workers. Let’s delve into the burgeoning demand for Filipino talent in the international scene. 

a. Adaptability in Action

One of the hallmarks of Filipino talent is adaptability. Whether it’s navigating new technologies, embracing diverse work environments, or overcoming challenges, Filipino workers demonstrate a remarkable ability to thrive amidst change.

b. Driving Economies Forward

The Filipino workforce has proven itself to be an indispensable asset for many countries, significantly contributing to economic growth and development. 

c. Meeting Global Demand

As the world moves toward interconnectedness, the demand for Filipino talent also continues to grow. From specified skilled workers to grey-collar workers, creative artists, and entrepreneurs—Filipinos are making their mark on the global stage.  

Percentage of Filipino Workers Abroad

Filipinos have a strong tradition of seeking employment opportunities overseas, driven by factors such as economic necessity, career advancement prospects, and the desire to support their families. As of recent data, the percentage of Filipino workers deployed abroad has shown resilience despite external challenges, including the impact of the pandemic.

Looking ahead, the percentage of Filipino workers abroad is expected to remain significant, greatly driven by global factors. Better living conditions, and economic opportunities, coupled with the continuous demand for Filipino talent, will continue to fuel the demand for Filipino Workers abroad. 

By Continent

Breaking down the data from the 2022 survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Office, the percentage of Filipino workers per continent is reflected in the chart below:

percentage of filipino workers in the world, divided into continents

In Asia

With Asia as the biggest home to Filipino workers, we have broken down the continent into the following major destinations of Filipino workers: 

percentage of filipino workers across asian countries

In The World 

To underscore just how dynamic and resilient the Filipino workforce can be, here are the top 10 countries outside of Asia with the most OFWs:

United States








The UK


Puerto Rico

91, 620



New Zealand






Most Popular Occupations Among Filipino Migrant Workers 

Filipino migrant workers play diverse and significant roles across various occupations worldwide, contributing to global workforce diversity, economic growth, and societal development. Their skills, expertise, and dedication make them valuable assets in the international labor market, shaping industries, communities, and nations on a global scale. 

To better appreciate this claim, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 major occupations of Overseas Filipino Workers according to a survey from the Philippine Statistics Authority:

data showing the top 10 most popular occupations among filipino workers

The Role of International Manpower Agencies in Bridging the Global Demand For Filipino Workers

The role of manpower agencies in connecting Filipino talent where it is needed is more crucial now than ever. By identifying skill shortages in various industries globally, manpower agencies help Filipino workers acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to meet international job demands. This proactive approach ensures a continuous supply of qualified workers to fill critical roles worldwide.

Manpower agencies offer support services to both employers and job seekers, assisting with pre-departure orientation, cultural integration, and post-placement follow-ups. We also take care of compliance with regulations and standards, such as those set by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), so you have less administrative burden. 

Not only do manpower agencies fill the skills gap present in international markets, but the companies also contribute to the diversification of the workforce. Doing so brings different perspectives, skills, and experiences to workplaces, enriching organizational cultures and fostering innovation.

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