International Manpower Agencies and How They Operate on a Global Scale

International Manpower Agencies and How they Operate on a Global Scale

In today’s very competitive global market, finding the right talent can be likened to the experience of searching for a needle in a haystack. Great talent now is not only defined by technical requirements, but as well their ability to identify with cultural sensitivities, values, and vision. Diversity, after all, has become pivotal in today’s time. Luckily, you don’t have to tread this haystack alone. International manpower agencies are here to help you reach beyond national borders, and streamline your efforts of finding the talent that exists on the other side of the world. 

But what exactly are international manpower agencies, and how do they work? Let’s dive in and explore their significance in the modern workforce landscape.

What are International Manpower Agencies

International manpower agencies, often used interchangeably with the terms: staffing agencies, employment agencies, recruitment agencies, and hiring agencies, among others, are intermediaries in the international labor market. They are service providers that play a crucial role in the job market by supplying businesses with a productive workforce. These agencies work both ways: a. recruit candidates for employers, and b. help job seekers find work abroad.  

International manpower agencies especially play a crucial role in bridging the gaps and weaving the integration of talent into organizations. In any case, these agencies specialize in the recruitment, screening, and selection of candidates for particular job positions. Moreover, they offer a continuum of services ranging from permanent to contract positions, depending on their employment needs. 

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Specialization in Recruitment

International manpower agencies often specialize in assisting employers from certain industries or sectors. For example, with us at Greatways Manpower International, our dedicated recruitment team excels in sourcing specified skilled workers for Japan. Specifically, provide targeted solutions for employers within the realms of the following industries:

Core Operations for Overseas Workforce Management

Realizing that the greatest asset of any business is its people, we emphasize the significance of hands-on workforce management. The operations of international manpower agencies revolve around three components: search, evaluation, and selection of candidates. We agencies meticulously assess candidates to ensure they meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. 

Our team stresses the utmost importance of being fully aware of the rigors of producing results that speak for themselves. Hence, we at Greatways especially take the time to thoroughly assess each client’s business-specific needs before executing recruitment techniques that will leave us with the best candidates fit for a particular job requirement. 

—Thorough Candidate Evaluation

By following a stringent recruitment process and deploying only the highest caliber workers, our experience, as demonstrated through our service provision to companies, characterizes us as a top agency throughout the Philippines and among foreign clients.

We international recruiters delve deep into candidates’ professional backgrounds and assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit within the hiring organization. This thorough evaluation process ensures that only the most qualified individuals are presented to employers. 

But on top of that, the method of hiring usually involves several more steps:

  • Identifying the Client Requirements
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Screening Candidates
  • Client Evaluation
  •  Documentation
    • Completion of Forms and Documents
    • Medical Examination
    • Application for Working Visa/ Permit
    • PDOS Seminar
    • Application for OEC
    • Booking of Flights
    • Final Briefing
  • Deployment

Significance of Engaging With International Manpower Agencies 

The primary objective of international manpower agencies is to help employers find the perfect candidate for their open positions. Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organizations. It’s at a time like this that an international manpower agency takes action. 

Here are the benefits of partnering with a workforce agency. 

Engaging with a manpower agency increases your chance to meet with high-quality individuals. Workforce providers have a strong network that enables them to find the best candidate for every job position. They have extensive knowledge about individual segments of the job market. We at Greatways especially have a growing database of over 100,000 CVs. 

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Seeking the service of a manpower agency or workforce provider is quicking than attempting to hire on your own. Thus, saving you time and money. We recruitment agencies collect and assess candidates, do background check references, and filter talented applicants using the best interview techniques, so that you can focus on the core of your business. Manpower agencies are sure to provide you with even the hardest-to-find talents you are looking for.

A workforce solutions provider bridges communications between employers and job seekers. Manpower agencies seek to find out which job vacancies are available and who are the best candidates to fill those said positions. But as we have mentioned, manpower agencies work for the benefit of both parties involved. To employers, we intend to be a company that bears witness to high standards of professionalism and operational efficiencies. For job applicants, we push them to complete all the needed requirements to speed up their application and land a job abroad. After all, time is of the essence, regardless of whether you are an employer or an applicant.  Thus, we make sure to give 100% to fostering a vision of continuity in which our workers and clients are mutually satisfied.

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Partner with a workforce or manpower provider that understands your industry and they will offer industry-specific knowledge of market trends and will also let you know how to best achieve your recruitment needs. We can provide employers with valuable insights and advice. 

Finding the best talent and filling open vacancies has been our expertise throughout the years. We effectively screen candidates to filter out the strongest candidates to meet our client’s workforce needs. We have experienced recruiters and a strong reputation within the industries we hire for.

Nailing the Scam: Identifying Illegal Manpower Agencies

We understand how eager you must be to partner with trusted international manpower agencies. However, we want to warn you about the menace that is illegal recruitment. International employers must be extra vigilant when navigating the foreign market. These fraudulent entities threaten job seekers and present substantial risks to international employers. 

Here are our expert tips on how to identify these illegal agencies: 

Verify Their License

Legitimate job contractors are registered by official overseas employment agencies, in the case of the Philippines, the Department of Migrant Workers (formerly known as POEA), is the governing body and vital indicator of an agency’s credibility as an international manpower agency.

Exorbitant Fees

If your agency charges you unreasonable fees, do know that legal agencies operate within the standard guidelines set by DMW. Often, illegal agencies use exorbitant fees, which without a doubt is the ultimate tell-tale sign of a potential scam. As an employer, your job is to be educated about these fee limits so you can question agencies that seek to charge excessive amounts.

Unrealistic Requirements

Legitimate agencies understand the importance of clear and legally binding agreements. As an international employer, you must insist on comprehensive contracts and documentation to protect your interests.

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Inconsistent Information

It is highly unlikely for legitimate manpower agencies to miss out on providing you with consistent and accurate details. Inconsistencies in information can indicate deception or a lack of professionalism.

You can read more on how to nail a scam by reading our blog on Insider Tips to Fighting Illegal Recruitment Agencies. 

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