Top Countries With Most Number Of Filipino Workers

While pandemic is hitting us hard, more and more Filipinos are thriving to work hard abroad to support their families. 

As of May, 2021, Social Security System has recorded 1.34 million Overseas Filipino Workers. This number has brought a significant value in our economy through their remittances. 

Middle East continuously to be on top spot with more than 70,000 jobs in Saudi Arabia, followed by Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab of Emirates. 

Though threats of COVID-19 are still looming, Minister of Saudi Arabia has assured Philippine government that all foreign workers are protected in their country. 

Filipino workers have secured employment in Saudi Arabia in different industries like construction, domestic help and nursing. 

Meanwhile, Australia has offered employments for different Filipino skilled workers. Most of the members of the Filipino community in Australia have also decided to migrate with their families in pursuit of better means of living. 

Next on the list is United Kingdom which is also one of the countries with highest-paying jobs. 

While Filipinos seek for opportunities abroad, foreign employers have been looking for overseas workforce agencies in the country that would help them in recruiting the best Filipino employees. 

So if you are looking for a job in one of these countries, the best way to start is to find an accredited agency here in the Philippines that would help you find a link in your dream job abroad.

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