3C pracującego Filipińczyka: kultura, kariera i kraje (z największą liczbą OFW)

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In recent years, the number of OFWs has increased, and we owe it to Filipinos dreaming of a perfect life because who wouldn’t be, right? Working overseas doesn’t mean wanting to be away from family; it’s the opposite. It is something that is done very much out of necessity. 

Many people choose to work abroad to further their careers. Some see it as part of one big adventure. 

Career-wise or for leisure purposes, overseas opportunities are too good of an offer for the working Filipino. 

Here’s what we think about it.


We’ve all had a relative working overseas. It’s the blueprint of the typical Filipino household. To seek better pay, standards of living, and opportunities is why working overseas has become so normalized. At this point, it has formed part of our familial culture. To have to send off members to another country only to see them after a couple of years have passed.

As of the latest statistical report concerning overseas Filipino workers, it is so typical that over 1.83 million Filipinos are reportedly spread out across the globe. A considerable number, indeed. 


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One of the biggest motivations in a Filipino household is the number of zeros in a check. Of course, it would be, seeing that the cost of living in the Philippines has always been disproportionate to one’s salary. Aside from this, another factor would be going as far as saying that ‘family’ puts the ‘f’ in Filipino.

Quips aside, career opportunities are more diverse in other countries since their technologies are more advanced than in the Philippines. Developed economies like the US, the Middle East, and Japan among others, can create more job opportunities, unlike the Philippines, where there are fewer job opportunities.

Countries with the Most OFWs

  1. As of July 2022, the Middle East remains in the top spot, with more than 439,200 workers in Arabia Saudyjska, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar.

    The Minister of Saudi Arabia has assured the Philippine government that foreign workers are protected amidst COVID-19 threats.

    Filipino workers have secured employment in Saudi Arabia in construction, domestic help, and nursing.
  2. Next on the list is the United Kingdom, home to a sizeable 167,400 Filipinos, which is also one of the countries with the highest-paying jobs.
  3. Meanwhile, Australii has offered employment for different Filipino skilled workers. Most of the Filipino community in Australia has decided to migrate with their families in pursuit of better means of living. As of the recent 2021 Census data released last December 2022, there are over 39,600 Filipinos in Australia. 
  4. Without traveling to the other side of the world, Asia Pacific countries are also an appealing option for our fellow citizens. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are top destinations, with at least 100,000 Filipinos living and working in each of these places.

    While Filipinos seek opportunities abroad, foreign employers have sought overseas workforce agencies. These workforce providers would help foreign employers to recruit top-notch Filipino employees.

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Looking for Opportunities Abroad?

The best way to start is to find an accredited agency here in the Philippines. These workforce providers would help you find a link to your dream job abroad.

Greatways Manpower International has been in the industry of providing manpower requirements for companies abroad for more than 20 years. We serve several industries abroad by providing them with quality and skilled Filipino workers to work for their businesses.

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