Jak znaleźć legalną ofertę pracy za granicą

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Scams have become widespread nowadays, so if something smells “phish-y,” it probably is. Here are five tips on how to check for legit job hiring abroad, coming from a POEA-accredited agency.

With numerous job searches moving online, it is hard to spot whether a job opportunity or recruiter is legit. The bad news? Job scammers are out there. The good news? You can avoid overseas job scams if you deeply understand what you’re looking for.

Warning: Rampant Recruitment Scams

The Internet is one massive ecosystem of information. It has everything that you need about a particular topic. Naturally, many people flock towards using this medium to look for jobs. However, searching for the right job differs from child’s play; it’s always a challenging thing to do. 

Job searching would often lead to hopelessness. And if there’s one thing we know about hopelessness, it’s that frustration is the root of desperation. It’s one reason why many people fall victim to scammers. 

Word of advice: if something doesn’t feel right at first, it’s best to trust your gut. 

So for those who are looking to try out their luck at working overseas, here are five tips that you need to consider before applying for jobs abroad:

Tips on how to spot a legit Job opportunity abroad

Tip #1: The Offer is Too Good to Be True

If you’re a certified job hunter, you know the average salary and experience level for your job expertise. If the found job opportunity lists the position for two or three times the typical wage, be wary and check.

Tip #2: You Did Not Apply

Don’t be fooled by an employer or recruiter saying that they found your resume online even if you didn’t apply for them. In these cases, it is better to conduct a background check on the firm to see if it exists.

Tip #3: If It Requires Your Confidential information, Run

Job sites don’t usually require your social security number, bank account details, or credit card information. Keep such information private, and ensure you leave the site.

Tip #4: The Email Contains Lots of Errors

If you receive a job offer letter with capitalization problems, missing commas (or too many), and generally bad English, it can indicate that the offer isn’t genuine.

Tip #5: Job Hiring Abroad Do Not Have Vague Job Descriptions

If you stumble upon a job advertisement with vague job descriptions, you can contact the company and ask for further details. An honest organization will provide you with more information about what the role entails.

For aspiring OFWs, the best way to know legit job opportunities is to visit Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’s Website. You can also find the list of accredited overseas workforce agencies on the said website.

Great Ways Manpower International is a POEA-registered company that has provided manpower requirements for companies abroad for more than 20 years.

With excellence and prudence in mind, we have established a standardized business process from the accreditation of clients to the deployment of candidates. To learn more about our overseas job openings, click here.

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