Liczba filipińskich pracowników, którzy wyjechali za granicę

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Working abroad is a concept that’s not-so surprising in the Filipino culture. It is a cumbersome ideal for small families. On a bigger scale, however, this says a lot about our Filipino workers abroad. 

The constant shifting of the job market brought about by the pandemic has affected the requirements for migrant workers. So if you’re an employer looking for the best-skilled workers, getting the right people for a job can be challenging.

There are a lot of considerations to factor in when hiring workers, one of which is having the innate ability to communicate. Lo and behold, Filipinos are flexible communicators. It’s one of the primary qualifications for working—abroad or not. And that’s not the only thing Filipinos have going from them. Even finding the right and legitimate agency for abroad is not quite easy.

Time and time again, companies abroad have boasted Filipinos as highly competent employees. So, there’s questioning why they are currently one of the top preferred workers around the globe from different fields like nursing, construction, and even household work.

Filipino Workers are in Demand Abroad

Recently, the demand for Filipino workers has picked up, especially in the US, UK, and the Middle East. These countries have been looking for the best manpower agencies to source out for these best people to work with. 

Here are a few reasons why Filipinos are the ideal workers to hire abroad.

Reason #1: Filipinos are proficient in English

In 2019, data showed that 70% of our population is proficient in English. In 2020, the Philippines ranked number 2 among all Asian countries that can speak fluent English and ranks at the 27th spot worldwide.

Reason #2: Filipinos are happy people to work with

Optimism is their best weapon against any challenging situation.

The Philippines ranks 61st happiest country among 149 countries based on an annual survey that measures people’s level of happiness around the world. They have a very positive mindset which helps them gain a resilient attitude toward work.

Reason #3: Filipinos are highly skilled and trainable

Filipinos can learn quickly on their own feet and adapt to any working environment. They have rich experiences that help them hone their skills in different fields. They are highly trainable and can do any task, even in a short amount of time.

Reason #4: Filipinos are hardworking individuals

There’s only one reason why Filipinos are so adamant with the idea of working abroad: family. Filipinos are primarily working to provide for their families. This is one of the reasons why Filipinos are willing to work even for extended hours.

Their loved ones bring out the best in them, and no other motivation can top that.

Earning for their loved ones’ back home is the most rewarding wage for any given job.

There is no doubt that Filipinos can exceed the expectations of employers abroad looking for the best skilled workers.

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