5 rzeczy, które japońska firma musi wiedzieć przed nawiązaniem współpracy z filipińską agencją rekrutacyjną

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W dzisiejszym wysoce zaawansowanym i połączonym świecie granice nie oznaczają już barier, a odległość nie jest już przeszkodą. Stanowią one obecnie bramy do nieskończonych możliwości i globalnej współpracy. W miarę jak rynki stają się coraz bardziej konkurencyjne, niezwykle istotna staje się wysoko wykwalifikowana i elastyczna siła robocza. Coraz więcej krajów otwiera się na partnerstwa międzynarodowe.

Even Japan, one of the world’s pioneering countries, seeks to combat its pressing issue of manpower shortages through international collaboration. As a result, international recruitment agencies, particularly those from the Philippines, have come to the forefront of the business world, receiving these love calls from different countries worldwide.

Undeniably, these Philippine recruitment agencies serve as a haven, opening doors to potential candidates. Each of its workers possesses a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that can enrich the workforce of Japanese companies. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to diversify their teams. Talk about approaching business from fresher angles!

It cannot be stressed enough how globalization has transcended geographical boundaries and cultural barriers—the Japanese aim to leverage these international connections and host a big room for growth and innovation. This move allows them to stay ahead of the competition while addressing their workforce needs efficiently.

In the subsequent sections of this blog post, we will delve deeper into the tips that Japanese companies must consider before engaging with a Philippine recruitment agency.

Crucial Tips to Consider in Engaging with a Philippine Recruitment Agency

Each facet of cross-border collaboration holds significance in maximizing the benefits of having a deployment-ready workforce.

lawyer and a businessman, both male, working together and engaging in a discussion regarding legal compliance

1. Legal Compliance

When hiring from overseas, engaging with a recruitment agency in the Philippines that operates within the bounds of the law is crucial. The Philippine government has established regulations and requirements to ensure its people’s and foreign employers’ welfare and protection. 

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is the primary government agency regulating overseas employment. The law states that recruitment agencies need to be licensed and accredited by the POEA to operate legally. You can find the list of accredited manpower agencies in the Philippines on their website.

Working with a licensed agency can help you be more confident in your venture. This compliance with labor laws safeguards your company and indicates the agency’s commitment to ethical practices.  

female business professional assessing the company's reputation growth

2. Reputation and Track Record

Reputation speaks volumes about an agency’s credibility and performance. A reputable agency is likely to have built its status over time by consistently delivering high-quality candidates and exceptional services. As a Japanese company seeking skilled workers, it’s essential that you first delve into online resources, industry forums, and professional networks to gather information about the agency’s reputation. 

Check their website for credible sources, reviews, or testimonials from other companies that have utilized the agency’s services. These first-hand accounts can offer valuable perspectives on the agency’s strengths, areas of expertise, and overall reliability.

Mechanic collaborating with their supervisor in the automotive repair industry

3. Industry Expertise

Selecting a Philippine recruitment agency that specializes in sourcing the specific type of specialized skilled workers you require is a pivotal consideration for a successful partnership. When an agency focuses on a particular industry or skill set, they develop a deeper understanding of the nuances, requirements, and challenges that your company might encounter.

Moreover, a specialized Philippine recruitment agency will likely have a refined screening process tailored to your industry’s demands. They can identify candidates with the right technical skills, experience, and cultural fit. An agency like this can easily match you with candidates who align well with your values and work environment. This familiarity will be your edge in the long run.

Recruiter introducing the company to the new hire

4. Recruitment Process

A thorough recruitment process ensures you receive candidates with the requisite skills and qualifications. Begin by delivering into the agency’s methods of candidate sourcing. Understanding how they identify potential candidates gives you insight into the breadth of their network and the extent to which they actively seek out skilled workers. 

Take note that a recruitment agency with a broad and proactive candidate sourcing strategy is more likely to connect your with a diverse pool of qualified candidates, increasing the chances of finding the right fit for your specific requirements.

Furthermore, a competent recruitment agency will consider factors beyond technical skills. Cultural fit and adaptability to Japanese work culture are paramount in sourcing workers for a Japanese company. 

Young woman at the recruitment agency with a vast network of applicants

5. Network and Reach

A Philippine recruitment agency with an extensive network has connections with professionals from various regions, industries, and backgrounds. As enterprises and job markets evolve, a well-connected agency can quickly tap into its database of candidates. Their specialty in cultivating relationships with professionals with niche skills or experience eases the candidate sourcing process for you. Speed is incredibly essential when meeting project deadlines or business demands.

Welcome to the New Era of Global Collaboration!

As you seek to combat manpower shortages through international collaboration, we want to emphasize the potential for enriching your company with specialized skilled workers from the Philippines. This potential stems from Filipinos’ unique blend of qualities and attributes, making them the optimal choice for complementing your business needs.

And if you’re looking for a Philippine recruitment agency to source your manpower needs from, Greatways Manpower International, Inc. is ready to build great partnerships with you. Our abilities as an international manpower agency are marked by a convergence of values, capabilities, and ambitions to connect you to a vast network of resources. We break down barriers, unlock new markets, and turn challenges into triumphs.

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About Greatways Manpower International, Inc.

At Greatways Manpower International, Inc., we are dedicated to shaping brighter futures through international manpower solutions. As a Philippine-based corporation, our core mission revolves around securing job orders in the global market and responding to them with utmost dedication. This commitment is deeply rooted in the belief that quality manpower can transform lives.

By building great partnerships with clients worldwide, we forge pathways that unite talent with opportunity, creating a world where aspirations know no bounds. 

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