Senior Upholsterer

Senior Upholsterer Job Requirements:

  • Senior upholsterer who is expert in taking measurements and making estimations;
  • Expert on Fabrics and Leathers;
  • Proficient in fabric/leather cutting, sewing/stitching and fitting;
  • Specializes in installation of spring and webbing, elastic belt, polyester and piping;
  • Operates sewing machine, table saw, jig saw, drill press, hand tools, tack hammer, pliers, screw driver, regulators, air staplers, rulers;
  • Stretches out and install fabric or leather coverings;
  • Stiches, glues, and nails fabric/leather into place;
  • Smoothens out imperfections.

For Reconditioning of Items:

  • Dismantles, repairs and rebuilds upholstered furniture items;
  • Examines furniture, including chairs and sofas, to determine extent of damage;
  • Removes and replaces broken or bent springs.

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • 10 years experience as a Senior Upholsterer;
  • In-depth knowledge of modern upholstery techniques, a good eye for detail, and ability to visualize design ideas;
  • Experience with sewing machine, table saw, jig saw, drill press, hand tools, tack hammer, pliers, screw drivers, regulators, air staplers, rulers;
  • Knowledge of installation techniques common to the upholstery job;
  • Professional on upholstery tools including hot knives, nail guns, and sewing equipment.

Benefits (Free):

  • Fair accommodation;
  • Transport from accommodation to work location;
  • Annual Medical insurance, residence permit, etc.; and
  • Plane ticket after 2-years contract

Job Location: Saudi Arabia
Basic Salary: 1500 SAR
Food Allowance: 300 SAR

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