Furniture Painter

Furniture Painter Job Requirements:

  • Specializes on Wood Putty Application, Sanding, Paint Removing, Primer Application, Color Adjusting, Top Coat Application;
  • Mixes colors on his own;
  • Applies protective and decorative coats of paint, varnish, lacquer, and/or other related materials to surfaces of furniture, and other structures;
  • Washes, scrapes, sands, torches, and/or smoothes interior and exterior surfaces prior to painting, varnishing, lacquering or applying other related materials;
  • Cleans equipment, paint mixing area, and work area;
  • Operates compressors, striping machines, sandblasters, spray equipment, and other small power equipment;
  • Applies paints, stains, surface preparatory materials, and undercoating materials to a variety of surfaces, as appropriate, and according to Materials Safety Data Sheets ensuring compliance with hazardous materials guidelines;
  • Determines appropriate color for new or replacement applications in consultation with the supervisor;
  • Maintains existing paint surfaces through matching and tinting of appropriate paint products;
  • Identification, safe handling, and appropriate disposal of paints, stains, preparatory and undercoating materials, and other hazardous materials.

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • 10 years experience as a Furniture Painter;
  • Experience with compressors, stripping machines, sandblasters, spray equipment, and other small power equipment;
  • Knowledge of application techniques common to the painting job;
  • Knowledge and skill in hazardous materials handling, application, and disposal.

Benefits (Free):

  • Fair accommodation;
  • Transport from accommodation to work location;
  • Annual Medical insurance, residence permit, etc.; and
  • Plane ticket after 2-years contract
Job Location: Saudi Arabia
Basic Salary: 1500 SAR
Food Allowance: 300 SAR

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