Dlaczego powinieneś skorzystać z agencji rekrutacyjnej przy kolejnych wymaganiach rekrutacyjnych

reason why you should use a manpower employment agency

Why do you need to use or hire a recruitment agency in finding the right people for your company?

Hiring a top employment agency helps you save time and money for your business. Manpower agencies usually have the expertise in finding people fit for a job.

Job mismatch could be a problem in recruitment and hiring. But recruitment agencies are equipped with right tools, resources, and experiences to prevent this from happening.

But first,

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment Agencies, also known as manpower agency, acts as the mediator between the job applicants and possible employers in the Philippines and abroad.

They are often called as employment agency.

The primary agenda of manpower agencies is to sought not only for the best, but also for the perfect talents for their clients’ requirements. Usually, businesses that need special skilled workers that are rare to find partner with recruitment agencies.

At the present time, the increase of small and medium businesses, locally and abroad, has made manpower agencies more visible in the scene than usual.

With a lot of job opportunities here and abroad, it could be extremely challenging for employers to find the ideal applicant that can fill the demands of their company.

Manpower agencies are extremely beneficial to businesses that cannot evaluate a multitude of applications in selecting prospects for initial interview.

If you are thinking twice of engaging one, here’s the list of reasons why you should use a recruitment agency on your next hiring requirements.

Reason #1: Time Saver

With recruitment agencies’ proven and tested hiring procedures, employment process will speed up than the usual. These manpower agencies have the tactical and strategical operation know-how in recruiting and deploying people; making it easier for them to meet the client manpower requirements in minimum amount of time.

The employment process can be time-consuming for the company to do as it involves a series of interviews. One of recruitment agencies’ tasks is to make sure that the candidates are truthful to their words through strict screening process.

It is guaranteed that the candidates given by the recruitment agency to clients; have already passed the series of tests, interviews and background check.  

Also, the agencies will get to know your company and its culture for them to seek the right candidate for your vacancies.

Reason #2: Quest for High-Quality Candidates

Recruitment agencies have access to a database of pre-screened high-caliber candidates. The advantage of utilizing an agency is that they can look even for the hard-to-find talents that you need in your business.

They know where to find a certain and specific category of manpower and people for your business as they have a wide data base of potential workers.

Reason #3: Industry Expertise

The expertise of the recruiters in this field is one of the advantages that you can acquire. They have a broad knowledge and experience in dealing with applicants, knowing job trends, understanding strategies in handling workers, negotiating salary packages, and aligning with existing labor laws.

Reason #4: Additional Marketing

Brand advertising is another additional service that companies can acquire by using a recruitment agency.

A representative of recruitment agency will directly speak to candidates and will try to sell your company including its brand and culture. With this, the information about your company can easily be passed through word of mouth for free.

Reason #5: Extensive Network

As the experts in recruitment, manpower agencies already have a broad platform and knowledge in manpower.

Having a vast network helps in searching opportunities for both the private entity and the job seekers. Communicating with different companies and applicants everyday made their expertise and network expand.

Reason #6: Enable Business Growth & Innovation

By partnering with a recruitment agency like Great Ways Manpower International, Inc., businesses can focus more on their company’s core function.

In addition, top recruitment agencies can deliver their clients with high-caliber talents that can support and contribute in achieving their business goals.

Are you struggling to fill your company’s job vacancies?

Help is on the way with Great Ways! Here in Great Ways Manpower International, Inc., we will find an easier process for you to have high-quality candidates as well as a healthy environment you can work with. Great Ways Manpower International, Inc., a POEA registered company, is an international manpower agency with high standard in recruitment and deployment process that has been yielding quality and skilled Filipino workers to overseas companies for more than 20 years.

For more information, read from Our News and Updates. Check available jobs that are posted on our Job Page. Feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any queries. Partner with us! Our company ensures a high-quality standard for everyone. Have a blast with Great Ways!



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