GWMI Extends Helping Hand to Manila Fire Victims

Fire consumed the streets of Recto, Manila last February 02, 2024, leaving the residents of Barangay 301 with devastation on their faces as the massive flames ravaged their homes and communities. 

The fire was reported to have broken out from an “on and off” computer shop along the streets of Brgy. 310, consuming the densely populated residential area within minutes of the explosion. Firefighters have also reported their difficulty in finding the origin of the fire, given the maze-like structure of the alleys in Barangay 310. Nearly five hours later, firefighters were able to completely put out the fire.

A group of people preparing the relief goods for fire victims

In response to this tragedy, GWMI organized a relief effort to aid the affected families. Their initiative culminated in a heartwarming feeding program for a thousand homeless people staying at a makeshift evacuation center last February 11, 2024, providing the fire victims with the much-needed support to get them back on their feet. While the feeding program may not be much, it signifies a beacon of hope for those grappling with the aftermath of the disaster. In an effort to help displaced families, GWMI sparks solidarity and compassion in times of crisis.  

GWMI was joined by sister companies UPark, TSI, and TOTC in this intervention. 


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