January Edition

President Duterte Approves Creation of Department of Migrant Worker

Duterte signed a law creating the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) on Thursday, Dec. 30, 2021 coincide with Rizal Day. The president also signed the spending plan for the year 2022 of P5.024-trillion and stretched the availability of the 2021 budget. Sen. Joel Villanueva said that once the Department of Migrant Workers is established, illegal […]

Quick Guide In Creating Your POEA e-Registration

The POEA e-Registration System records data of laborers who intend to work abroad. Registering through their website is important to find new work abroad as it is needed for all OFWs before their exit. Job seekers will receive a registration number after the registration process has finished. Other than registering for overseas employment, the POEA […]

Emerging National Action Plan Counter To Illegal Recruitment

Last Nov. 11, Thursday, virtually launch the Philippines’ National Action Plan to Mainstream Fair and Ethical Recruitment (NAP-FER) where the CEO of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery Alex Thier, reiterated that when it comes to protecting workers, the Philippines is leading by example. “We come together to imagine a world in which every […]

The Path To Getting Your Passport

As the country has adjusted to the new normal, it’s good to know that people can now fly in and out of the country. And to make things easier for you, this article will tell you about the new travel requirements and processes. 1. Online Appointment. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) listed temporary off-site […]

Top Countries With Most Number Of Filipino Workers

While pandemic is hitting us hard, more and more Filipinos are thriving to work hard abroad to support their families.  As of May, 2021, Social Security System has recorded 1.34 million Overseas Filipino Workers. This number has brought a significant value in our economy through their remittances.  Middle East continuously to be on top spot […]

How To Spot A Legit Job Opportunity Abroad

With job search moving more online, it is hard to spot whether a job opportunity or recruiter is in fact genuine. The bad news? Job scammers are out there. The good news? You can recognize them before they get you if you understand what to look for.  To make sure you don’t become a victim […]

Why Filipinos Are The Best Skilled Workers To Hire Abroad

Getting the right fit of people for a job could be a challenge especially if you are an employer who’s looking for best talents and skilled workers in other countries.  Filipinos are proven to be highly competent employees especially those who are working abroad. They are currently one of the top preferred workers around the […]

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