Furniture Carpenter

Furniture Carpenter Job Requirements:

  • Confers with the supervisor or designer to determine their specific for making pieces of furniture;
  • Know how to choose the right types of woods for each project, by first identifying which type is required for specifics projects;
  • Cuts wood according to specified designs, and puts planks together to make items such as tables, chairs, desks, and bookshelves;
  • Nail parts together, by using hand-held hammer or tucker machine, and ensures that any loose edges are smoothed over;
  • Checks items to ensure that they have been made according to design, and handles any nips and tucks that they may require;
  • Perform repair on old furniture to maintain it, and to refurbish;
  • Prepares wood structures for finishing by shaping and trimming with hand or power tools;
  • takes measurements to develop suitable layout for a fixture;
  • Assembles wooden components to fabricate useful structures such as desks, and shelves;
  • Install furniture items for new and refurbished homes/offices;
  • Implements safety and health regulations during work operations to ensure environmentally friendly and safe structure;
  • Levels and shims door frames during a door hanging process; and
  • Install and repairs trim on windows, baseboards, and mantels.

For Reconditioning of Items:

  • Examines the item, identify damaged areas, disassemble the basic parts and smoothens or shapes the woodworking skills, good knowledge of fishing techniques, and a good eye for detail;
  • Restore and finishes wooden items to meet the needs of the clients;
  • Repair broken parts, removes imperfections, and fills in cracks; and

Desirable Experience and Skills

  • 10 years experience as a Furniture Carpenter;
  • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-National Certification (TESDA-NCIII in Carpentry) is an advantage;
  • Strong Attention to Detail and measurements; and
  • Experience with hand and power tools

Benefits (Free):

  • Fair accommodation;
  • Transport from accommodation to work location;
  • Annual Medical insurance, residence permit, etc.; and
  • Plane ticket after 2-years contract
Job Location: Saudi Arabia
Basic Salary: 1500 SAR
Food Allowance: 300 SAR

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